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Knowledge is the key to overcome disease.

Need for Genetics Experts.

Genetics is on the cutting edge of medicine with new discoveries increasing at an exponential rate. Many doctors don’t feel adequately trained to interpret and use genetic information. Because genetics is so central to the promise of personalized medicine, it is imperative that health professionals trained in genetics are available to help guide and appropriately plan your treatment.

Role of Genetic Counselors.

A genetic counselor helps you understand your inherited genetic risks as well as provides counseling according to your specific needs. Discussing your genetic risks with a genetic counselor can bring you great ease and comfort regarding your health concerns. Genetic counselors empower you to receive personalized healthcare.

InformedDNA Advantage.

Since there are relatively few genetic counselors in the country, accessing a genetic counselor may be difficult. InformedDNA brings genetic counseling to you. Our genetic counselors use state-of-the-art telephone and web-based technology to provide counseling anywhere in United States and its territories. We offer day, evening and weekend appointments.

The three keys to your care:

1. Our counselors discuss all your genetic health risks with you and then provide you with appropriate guidance and counseling.

2. Our counselors create a specific action plan for your doctor to help him/her guide personalized care of you.

3. Our counselors make sure you receive the appropriate testing, treatment, and care according to your unique health profile.

We review your family health history and determine which genetic test, if any, is appropriate to learn more about your health risks.
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different types of genetic tests

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