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A national network of genetics experts.

We are the nation's largest independent provider network of genetics specialists enabled by a comprehensive evidence-based knowledge library for genetic tests and hereditary conditions.

InformedDNA's genetics professionals manage the library with oversight from our Advisory Board of leading clinicians and academics throughout the country.

InformedDNA's Mission

The mission of InformedDNA is to empower people and organizations in search of genetic information or counseling with expert genomic health information; bringing the promise of personalized healthcare to life through a better understanding of family health history and genetics. This website aims to provide information about the genetic counseling services provided by InformedDNA to both consumers and medical providers, and how to initiate services. Important genetic concepts are highlighted to educate viewers and are meant to complement, not replace, the relationship between a patient and his or her medical providers.

Genetic Benefits. Optimized.

Harness the power of genetics expertise to personalize healthcare

InformedDNA coined the term Genetic Benefits Optimization to reflect our clinically- driven, proactive approach to genetic testing utilization management. Our approach engages genetics experts within the clinical process, ensuring that only clinically valid genetic test requests are made and thus avoiding the need for costly and reactive administrative review or claims adjudication processes for complex and expensive genetic tests.

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Dramatically Improve Member Care

When fully deployed, InformedDNA's genetic testing management solutions will dramatically improve member care with broader access to independent board-certified genetics experts, plus result in significant savings by reducing inappropriate genetic testing requests.

  • Eliminating investigational tests from being requested and/or paid for
  • Engaging genetics experts to review test results that frequently ordered inappropriately.
  • Requiring clinical genetic counseling services as a criteria for paying for high-impact genetic tests
  • Working with local providers to steer appropriate genetic testing to network labs

Genetic Specialties

Oncology- If you are concerned about a cancer that runs in the family, we can provide expert genetic counseling to determine if genetic testing or another preventative measure is right for you.
See InformedDNA's approach to oncology genetic services.
Learn about cancer genetics.

Adult Genetics- We provide genetic counseling to anyone diagnosed with or concerned about a family history of an adult-onset hereditary disease such as cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.
See InformedDNA's approach to patient care.
Learn about adult genetics.

Reproductive Genetics- If you are planning to have a baby and are concerned about certain health risks, we can provide expert genetic counseling to you for preconception, fertility, and pregnancy concerns.
See InformedDNA's approach to whole genome sequencing.
Learn about reproductive genetics.

Genetic Test Counseling- We provide expert, independent advice about genetic tests. We are not a testing lab nor benefit financially from recommending genetic tests, therefore you will receive unbiased recommendations.
See InformedDNA's approach to genetic consulting service.
Learn about our counseling process.

Our genetic services also extend beyond counseling - we help patients, providers, and organizations harness the power of genetics to achieve the promise of personalized healthcare.

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