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Have questions about your 23andMe reports or your genetic health? Speak with a board-certified genetic counselor.

Schedule an appointment in the comfort of your own home by calling
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Nationwide-network of independent genetic experts

You've chosen to access your genetic information by having testing through 23andMe. If you have questions about your results you'd like to explore further, a genetic counselor can help. Genetic counselors are specialized health professionals trained in interpreting and assessing inherited risks. They can create a unique action plan, including testing and treatment, to help you and your doctor deliver personalized medicine based on your individual and family medical history. 23andMe is collaborating with InformedDNA to give you direct access to board-certified genetic counselors.

What You Get in a Comprehensive Clinical Genetic Counseling Session:

  • Confidential telephone call with a board-certified genetic counselor.
  • Genetic counselor answers general questions about your 23andMe 4-Star Reports, genetic disease, genetic testing, or genetic risk factors so you can better understand the impact of genetics on your health.
  • Genetic Counselor suggests additional resources and offers practical ideas to apply health information to your everyday life.
  • Genetic Counselor collects and interprets a three generation family medical history, and combines it with your personal medical history AND your 23andMe 4-Star Reports to provide a comprehensive risk assessment.
  • Genetic Counselor identifies genetic testing, prevention and screening options based on your personal or family medical history or your 23andMe Clinical Reports.
  • Genetic Counselor provides a detailed report of the discussion for you, and your physician if desired
  • Genetic Counselor is available to help you and your physician understand and interpret your report.
  • Most insurance plans accepted (we identify your coverage, co-pays and deductibles, if any, prior to appointment). $375 rate for self pay patients, which includes follow up sessions (for the same indication) as necessary. A 25% discount is available when paid at the time of service.


Genetic counseling services are provided by InformedDNA as an independent service provider and not by 23andMe or any of its affiliated entities. For a complete description of genetic counseling services available, visit