Next Steps to Better Health

Next Steps

As you have learned so far, genes play a role in many diseases and can have an impact on your health and healthcare decisions. Understanding your personal medical history, family health history, and genetic test results helps you become proactive about your health.

The Four "Be's" to better health

Be Prepared

Knowledge is power. Knowing your family health history and understanding genetic testing is a great way to be prepared to make the best choice for managing your health risks. We can help you prepare choices for managing your health risks.

Be Informed

Genetics is one of the fastest growing areas of health research and information. Consulting with a genetic counselor assures that you are receiving up-to-date and credible information from healthcare experts trained in genetics.

Be Empowered

Use your knowledge to empower your decisions. You can take charge of your health by becoming active in the decision-making process. Take the knowledge of your health risks and turn it into action.

Be Proactive

Improve your health by focusing on early detection, appropriate monitoring, prevention, and lifestyle changes. Share the genetic information you learned about yourself with your doctor and your family.

Sharing with Family

Your health is yours. However some of your genetic risks are shared with your family. If there is a genetic risk in your family, your relatives may benefit from genetic counseling too.

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