Introducing Platinum Partners

Genetic Benefits, Optimized.

InformedDNA's Platinum Partners receive enhanced communication and reports while your genetic counseling patients experience concierge style customer service.

What Can Platinum Partners Do For Your Practice?

Becoming a Platinum Partner means having a highly integrated program for the provision of genetic counseling for your patients.

Turnkey Solution

InformedDNA's Platinum Partners program provides adherence to standards put forth by National Accreditation Programs such as CoC and NAPBC as well as a full implementation of nationally recognized guidelines for the inclusion of genetics professionals in the care of patients.

Concierge Style Communication

Concierge style communication for the management of patient referrals includes:

  • Proactive patient scheduling
  • Patient appointment schedule reports
  • Weekly patient summary reports

Superior Expertise

Our deep bench of genetics experts means superior care for patients.

Our genetics experts are able to focus in an area of specialty, heightening their ability to stay up to date on the latest developments.

Offer genetic counseling and keep your patients.

Meet accreditation requirements for Commission on Cancer (CoC) and/or National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers (NAPBC) and maintain stewardship of your patient in your organization.

Access to Genetics Experts

Access to our nationwide-network of board-certified genetic counselors is a turn-key solution providing service to your patients over the phone.

We provide comprehensive services including
  • Genetic Counseling
  • Access to Genetics Experts
  • Patient Education
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InformedDNA's Platinum Partners Program

offers healthcare providers our highest level of genetic services.

Becoming a Platinum Partner means having a highly integrated program for the provision of genetic counseling for your patients.

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Unprecedented Access to Genetics Experts

InformedDNA is the only nationwide provider network of independent genetic counselors. We bring genetic counseling to patients and providers anywhere. ´┐╝Using state-of-the-art telephone and internet technology, we provide ´┐╝unprecedented access to genetic counseling to patients and providers.

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