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Understand the Value and Expertise Your Genomic Benefits Manager Can Provide

Health plans are increasingly looking towards outside benefit managers for support with genomic benefits management. But how do you know that a benefits manager may meet your unique needs and the demands of the genomic testing landscape? We’ve prepared 10 questions for you to ask.

Key areas to address:

  • Clinical Guidance. Leverages clinical genomics, bioethics, and public health experts to curate the latest evidence-based knowledge and proactively defines the ideal framework for member care. This framework informs the development of clinically applicable guidelines and policies that reduce provider abrasion, increase adoption, and deliver clinical value.

  • Cost Management. Institutes advanced cost control approaches with smart algorithms, expert-powered logic, and analytics to manage genomic test and treatment payment. It removes clinically unnecessary or inappropriate costs without compromising patient outcomes. It provides industry insights for health plans to contract with laboratories for only evidence-based testing with the most appropriate codes and rates.

  • Patient Navigation. Removes friction caused by insufficient knowledge for both providers and patients. It proactively enables health plans to: identify opportunities for value-driven interventions; empower informed decision-making; counsel and guide members; and, support providers with education and decision support.

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We are the nation’s largest and most experienced organization of full-time, lab-independent genomics specialists, letting you stay ahead of the curve by applying expert genomics insights. As the leading innovator of genomic benefits management (GBM) solutions, InformedDNA has a long history of collaborating with national and regional health plans to create and scale successful solutions. By augmenting health plans’ in-house teams, we empower them to promote precision medicine, optimize spending, and enhance experiences for sponsors, providers, and members.

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