About Genetic Counseling

What Is Genetic Counseling?

Our board-certified genetic counselors walk patients through their unique circumstances, what you can expect to learn, and how genetic testing may be used as part of your healthcare plans for hereditary conditions.

Why it’s Important to Consult With a Genetic Counselor

Discussing your genetic risks with a genetic counselor helps you understand your inherited health risks. It can provide peace of mind and empower you to receive personalized healthcare.

How Genes Affect Health

A mutation or variation in DNA can cause a body to function improperly or develop a genetic disease.

Genetic Testing Advantages

When used correctly, genetic testing provides information to both patients and healthcare providers.

Genetic Tests Are Used to

  • Confirm a diagnosis
  • Determine risk
  • Identify carriers
  • Tailor treatment

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Patient Resources

Our genetic counselors will guide you through your options, help you understand your risks, and will advise you on the best plan of care to fit your needs.

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Learn about the role of genetic counselors

Learn about the role of genetic counselors from the National Society of Genetic Counselors

Our genetic counselor’s ability to explain complex DNA information was outstanding! She explained DNA and my family member’s condition in a manner that anyone could understand, regardless of their education. She took the time to answer and re-answer our questions... Because of her, we now have a full understanding of my family’s genetic conditions and feel empowered in a way we have never felt before.

- Actual InformedDNA patient

Patient Testimonial

A Better Approach for At-Risk Patients

  • InformedDNA brings telehealth genetic counseling to you, so you can meet with a genetic counselor at your convenience. 
  • Our services are considered in-network by most U.S. health plans, reducing your potential cost for guidance on appropriate genetic testing and test results interpretation. 
  • Our genomics expertise covers all major medical specialties so we can better meet your individual needs.

Our Genetic Counseling Process

  1. We’ll review your family health history and explain your disease risk.
  2. We’ll discuss what genetic tests are right for you and what to expect from testing.
  3. If testing is indicated and you choose to proceed, we’ll help order the right test.
  4. We’ll explain your genetic test result and what it means to you and your family.
  5. We’ll discuss how to manage your risk and provide follow-up care recommendations.

Why Family Health History Matters

The genetic abnormalities that put a patient at risk for genetic disease can often be traced through family health conditions. Therefore, it’s helpful for you to gather as complete a family health history as possible. The more you know, the more accurate your genetic health assessment will be.

Our Latest Thinking on Genomics

Your Trusted Partner in Applying Genomic Science

InformedDNA is the nation’s first telehealth genomics services company. Our real-world clinical guidance, cost management and patient navigation solutions are built upon the most current genomics insights and are designed to optimize clinical decisions across the care delivery spectrum.

We have helped manage the health benefits of more than 100 million covered lives and have navigated hundreds of thousands of people to the right treatments or clinical trials.

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