The National Institutes of Health warns that “most genetic tests today are not regulated, meaning that they go to market without any independent analysis to verify the claims of the seller.” By 2020, there were more than 140,000 different genetic and genomic tests on the clinical market in the U.S., sourced by more than 1,700 clinics and laboratories, with insufficient metrics for clinicians to decipher which tests have value.

Healthcare providers are busy. Patients and medical sales teams are all vying for your attention. When approached by a genetic testing lab sales representative, you need to break through the sales noise and get to the facts, fast. That’s why InformedDNA has identified six important questions to help you take that first step towards choosing a genetic testing lab partner.

Ultimately, we recommend that your final choice should be made with the guidance of a lab-agnostic genetics specialist. At InformedDNA, we are not affiliated with any lab; our decisions are based solely on matching your patients’ needs with the right lab services provider and the right tests.

The following questions can help you gather the critical first pieces of information you need in order to make the right choice for your patients.  Feel free to use this article as your guide, or if you’d like a printout, download the PDF.

  1. With whom is your lab accredited? (CAP – College of American Pathologists – and CLIA – Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments – are industry-standard accreditations to assure test result accuracy)
  2. What does your test menu include? Do the genes included on your panel tests match the genes recommended by national guidelines? (Does the lab have the tests you typically order?)
  3. What is your testing turnaround time? (For example, a typical hereditary cancer panel requires 2-3 weeks.)
  4. How do you protect patient privacy and what else might my patients’ information and samples be used for?
  5. Which insurance providers are in-network for your lab?
  6. Why should I choose your lab for my specific needs?
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InformedDNA is the authority on the appropriate use of genetic testing and our genetic counselors can help determine the best lab options for your patients based upon the recommended test, insurance status, cost, turnaround time, and other factors. As the largest independent provider of genetics services in the U.S., our board-certified genetics specialists provide clinical genetic counseling – both pre-test and post-test – across all genetics specialties.

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