Inappropriate genetic testing spend is a big concern for health plans. Our expert genetic analysts understand this pain point and have some answers to commonly posed questions by health plans.

Take a few minutes to watch our two-part video series in which one of our genetics claims analysts and board-certified genetic counselor, Katie Wiens, answers common questions that health plans have about inappropriate genetic testing claims.


  1. What makes genetic testing claims challenging to analyze and adjudicate?
  2. Why is a payment integrity solution needed if we already have a prior authorization program in place?
  3. Can your plan’s situation be assessed and a savings analysis be given for genetic testing claims? 


  1. How can we stay current with new genetic tests and coding changes?
  2. How do we know if our plan is operating as it should and whether our spend is in line with industry norms?

With the nation’s largest and most experienced staff of lab-independent genetics specialists, InformedDNA enables health plans to stay ahead of the curve by augmenting a plan’s in-house team with comprehensive clinical genetics expertise, including pre- and post-test services. We empower health plans to promote precision medicine, optimize spending, and avoid unnecessary and unpleasant experiences for members and providers.

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