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Genomic Benefits Management eBook

Genomics is a technically complex discipline with a growing number of expensive tests and treatments. However, rapid advances in genomics currently far outpace the resources that most health plans are able to allocate to keep up with the developments. Although genomics now informs diagnoses and treatments that often cross medical specialties, plans are challenged to …

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Whitepaper: Coverage Decision FrameworkTM

Rapid advances in genomic science and the implementation of personalized medicine require new approaches to health plan policy and evidence review processes. InformedDNA genetics experts have developed a forward-thinking approach with its Coverage Decision Framework™, enabling health plans to develop timely policies that ensure members have access to the most current, effective and safe approaches …

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Whitepaper: Patient Diversity in Rare Disease Clinical Trials

Patient enrollment can be difficult for clinical trials targeting rare genetic diseases. These trials typically target very small patient populations, leading to challenges in enrolling patients. Also, enrollment is often restricted by logistical and social barriers such as language, participants’ ability to take time off from work, and participants’ ability to travel to research sites. …

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