Case Study: Expanding Access to Genetic Counseling Expertise

One of our not-for-profit, community-based health system clients has been offering genetic screening and testing to patients since 2004. They offer preventive, primary, and acute hospital care, as well as cancer care, a heart center, wellness and rehabilitation services, and much more.

In 2012, this healthcare organization turned to InformedDNA to provide genetic counseling services to their patients and continues to use these services today. As part of their value-add services to patients who are recommended for genetic testing, they offer patient education, multiple genetic test ordering options, multi-site specimen collection options, and a point person with whom patients may consult.

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Founded in 2007, InformedDNA is the leading authority on the appropriate use of genetic testing. As the first telehealth genetics services company in the U.S., we offer the largest, most experienced, fully employed staff of board-certified genetic counselors, providing coverage across all genetics specialties and across all states. InformedDNA isn’t lab-owned or lab-sponsored, so our genetic counselors have no conflicts of interest in advising healthcare providers and patients on the most appropriate use of genetic tests and their results. And, we are an “in-network” provider with most leading national health plans as well as numerous regional plans.

If you have questions about our genetic counseling services for health systems and hospitals, or would like to chat, email us at; or, give us a call us at 844-846-3763.