Many health systems are struggling to keep up with the increasing demands for genetic counseling. Providers know that delays can impact outcomes, particularly in cancer patients. Many turn to InformedDNA for help. One such health system anticipated this challenge back in 2015 and has been our client ever since.

The primary initial challenge for our client was a limited staff of genetic counselors to meet with patients considering or having had genetic testing. This resulted in a growing backlog, eventually reaching 500 patients. The health system chose to partner with InformedDNA, and continues to do so, due to our excellent reputation, genetics expertise, and ability to adapt quickly to changes in scope, volume, and services.

Founded in 2007 as the first telehealth genetics services company in the U.S., InformedDNA offers the largest, most experienced staff of board-certified genetic counselors, providing coverage across all genetics specialties and across all states.

We aren’t lab-owned or lab-sponsored, so our genetic counselors have no conflicts of interest in advising healthcare providers and patients on the most appropriate use of genetic tests and their results. And, we are an “in-network” provider with most leading national health plans as well as many regional plans. (You may request our in-network health plan list by clicking here.)

Let’s talk about how we can help with your health system’s genetic counseling needs. Just send an email to; or, give us a call at 844-846-3763.

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