Genetic Counseling Services for Health Plans

Empower members to make informed medical decisions while reducing inappropriate medical spend.

Increasingly, genetic testing is requested by patients and ordered by physicians. But, the application of complex genetics in healthcare often requires specialized knowledge and training. So, it’s important that patients have an advocate that will help them navigate the whole process to better understand the pros/cons of genetic testing.  

Genetic counselors ensure that your members meet national guidelines for testing, ensure that the appropriate test is covered by the members’ health plan, and advise on additional or alternate genetic testing options. Our genetic counselors provide guidance directly to many national plan members – and, can advise your members and providers, as warranted by your medical policy.

InformedDNA offers convenient access to the largest, most experienced, lab-independent, board-certified genetic counseling staff in the country.

  • Convenient telegenetic counseling enables access for all members, nationally, regardless of location
  • Day, evening, and weekend telephone appointments available
  • All genetics specialties and sub-specialties covered
  • Program costs are more than covered by reduction in unnecessary testing

Genetic counselors help to reduce unnecessary testing costs, while also helping to guide ordering providers to the most clinically appropriate tests.


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