Savings Analysis for Health Plans

Genetic testing claims are often paid incorrectly because claims systems either cannot identify the actual test(s) performed or do not apply correct policy. Even with an effective prior authorization program in place, these challenges lead to 15-40% of genetic testing claims being inappropriately paid.

We invite you to put our proven genetic test payment integrity solution “to the test” with a free savings analysis for your health plan. The process is simple – to get started, just complete and submit the short form on this page. Then:

  • We’ll schedule a brief meeting with you to gather information about your plan and its genetic test claims challenges.
  • We’ll then send you our Claims Data Submission Spec that details the data we’ll need in order to perform a savings analysis.
  • After receiving your data, we’ll perform the analysis which will summarize your genetic testing spend trends and potential for savings utilizing our payment integrity products. This process takes approximately 2-3 weeks.
  • We’ll set up a meeting with your team and ours to share the analysis results and answer any questions you have.

With more than 140,000 genetic tests on the market today, and that number growing rapidly, overall spending is projected to more than double over the next six years. This makes it imperative for health plans to find solutions now to reduce inappropriate claims payments. Let’s figure out how to improve your health plan’s payment accuracy today.

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How much can your plan save on inappropriate genetic testing payments? Request a complimentary savings analysis today!