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The nation’s largest, most experienced, full-time genetic counselor staff.

Nationwide access to expertise across all genetic counseling specialties – without the conflicting interests of lab-sponsored counseling.

Your health system may need genetic counselor resources to address certification requirements, reduce inappropriate genetic test utilization, or simply to help ensure the best use of genetic tests for your patients. With 12 years’ experience and dozens of fully-credentialed, nationally-distributed genetic counselors on our full-time staff, InformedDNA offers the largest and most experienced genetic counseling resources in the country. Since we are not lab-owned nor lab-sponsored, our counselors have no conflicts of interest in advising ordering providers and patients on the most appropriate use of genetic tests and their results.

* HITRUST CSF Certification achieved for IDNAcentral™ and Client Data Analysis systems.

President and Chief Medical Officer Rebecca Sutphen discusses appropriate circumstances for genetic counseling.

In this two-minute video interview, Dr. Sutphen defines genetic counseling and describes its importance in helping both patients and ordering providers understand when genetic testing is appropriate. She also addresses how counseling helps determine the most appropriate choice of test and lab, and the implications of test results.

Solutions for Health Systems

Genetics Services Program™

InformedDNA offers a turnkey program for the provision of genetic counseling to your patients,
leveraging our nationally-distributed, full-time genetic counselor staff.

Consider this program if:

You need to meet Standard 2.3 with the Commission on Cancer

You want an integrated program but not the expense of creating it internally

You have a staffing shortage and need to augment your existing service

You have multiple locations

Your patients could benefit from the convenience of evening and weekend appointments

You need experts in multiple specialties

You have research projects which require flexible staffing

Meet Commission on Cancer Standard 2.3

To earn and maintain Commission on Cancer (CoC) accreditation, cancer programs must meet strict requirements, including standards for the delivery of genetic testing and counseling. CoC Standard 2.3 for Risk Assessment and Genetic Counseling requires that cancer programs provide genetic counseling and testing, on-site or by referral, by a qualified genetics professional. InformedDNA’s full-time staff of dozens of credentialed genetics specialists provides genetic counseling to meet this standard for more than 100 health systems nationally.

We employ a large, full-time staff of board-certified genetic counselors and analysts with advanced degrees and experience in molecular biology, laboratory science, genomic research, public health, and bioethics.

Address genetic counseling staffing
shortages, or temporary staffing needs

Because the sharp growth in genetic testing is relatively recent, it’s hard to find certified, experienced genetic counselors to fill full-time roles. Also, genetic counseling staffs tend to be small, making cross-coverage difficult. InformedDNA’s nationally distributed genetic counselors can solve temporary genetic counseling staff requirements, or eliminate the need to hire expensive, hard-to-find certified and experienced geneticists.

“InformedDNA provides the broad and deep genetic counseling expertise that we need, while making the process easy and convenient so their services are well-received by our providers and patients. Because of our partnership, we’re able to offer timely access to genetics experts, who provide the level of care, recommendation and follow up that is truly desired by our constituents.”

Marie DeGrosa, Manager, Cancer Center Support Services
Robert & Carol Weissman Cancer Center
at Martin Health System

Provide convenient evening and weekend appointments

We make board-certified genetic counselors available weekdays from 6:00 AM to 11:00 PM ET enabling your patients to receive counseling sessions at a time convenient for them.

Support multiple locations

Our telegenetic-driven counseling sessions mean that it does not matter where your facilities are located — your patients can receive counseling from home or any other location that is convenient to them.

Provide genetic counseling across all medical specialties

As the largest and most experienced team of genetic counselors, InformedDNA staff include geneticists trained and certified in all major genetic test subspecialties, including these:

  • Cancer Genetics
  • Cardiac Genetics
  • Neurogenetics
  • Ocular Genetics
  • Reproductive Genetics
  • Adult and Pediatric Genetics
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Whole Genome/Exome Sequencing

Enable an integrated genetics program without the expense
or hassle of building and maintaining one

Our automated online scheduling and reporting help integrate genetic counseling into your workflow without the need for expensive, time-consuming internal development.

Let's talk about how we can meet
your genetics services needs.