Thank you for scheduling a meeting with us during HLTH 2022

Our meeting will take place at the Venetian, level 2, Meeting Cube 1168 (in the meeting cube area, between the Gallery Stage and the Funding Founders Lounge on the show floor).

If you have any questions before the meeting, please reach out to us:

We’re looking forward to sharing the benefits of our new subscription service, InformedGENOMICS™, the first clinical guidance resource developed for health plans by genomics specialists. It provides:

  • A single, reliable source for genetic testing policy criteria and coding

  • Comprehensive coverage across all genomic specialties and subspecialties

  • Dynamic content library, updated quarterly at minimum

  • Easy access via web-based subscription service

InformedGENOMICS™ gives your teams the genomics policy guidance they need, at their fingertips!

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