Many health systems looking to expand their genetics programs turn to InformedDNA to:

  • Improve the patient experience with convenient and quick access to board-certified genetic counselors via phone or video
  • Augment on-site resources to provide coverage during high volume periods/reduce backlog
  • Access experienced genetic experts (average of 8+ years experience) covering all genetics specialties
  • Limit liability related to genetic test recommendations
  • Meet accreditation standards (NAPBC/CoC)

“InformedDNA helps us meet all standards for CoC and other accreditations while giving patients fast, efficient and convenient counseling.”
– Liz Elliott, Certified Breast Cancer Nurse Navigator, Dignity Health, Marian Regional Medical Center

For health care providers, we offer:

  • A screening tool to determine appropriate genetic testing referrals
  • Pre-test genetic counseling to identify the patient’s hereditary risk and the most appropriate testing (if recommended)
  • Generation and completion of all testing paperwork, making lab submission easier
  • Post-test genetic counseling to disclose test results and educate the patient and affected family members
  • Comprehensive clinical summary report for provider, so clinically actionable insights from counseling can be incorporated into the patient’s care plan
  • Availability for Tumor Board or Cancer Committee as a genetics resource (via teleconference)
  • Quarterly analytics to track outcomes and monitor referrals

Let’s talk about how we can meet your genetics services needs. Just email us at; or, call us at 844-846-3763.

Request a full list of health plans for which we are in-network providers – just submit the form below.

We are an “in-network” provider with many of the nation’s largest health plans, including Cigna, Aetna, United Healthcare, Anthem (in most states), CareFirst, and Harvard Pilgrim, as well as many regional health plans.


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