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“Access to Genetics Experts Improves Outcomes of Genetic Testing Prior Authorizations”

As the nation’s largest independent organization of genetics specialists, InformedDNA leverages the expertise of our staff and their work with thousands of patients per month and clients representing nearly 100 million lives to offer original research and analysis that no others in the industry can provide.

In this issue of Informed Insights, we share the effect that genetic analysts have on genetic testing prior authorizations. While the benefits of personalized medicine are undeniable, many health plans struggle to keep pace with the rapid innovations in genetic testing. Insurance prior authorization requirements are a common method of utilization management for genetic testing, but most health plans lack internal multi-specialty genetics expertise.

The positive impact of genetic counselors performing case reviews for hospitals and commercial laboratories has been described in academic literature. Genetic analysts excel at facilitating clinical discussions with providers and improve prior authorization outcomes for the patient, provider and health plan. In this issue of Informed Insights, we present data demonstrating the value of genetic analyst involvement in reviewing complex prior authorization requests for genetic testing.

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Provider satisfaction with genetic analyst interactions

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