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Pre-Test Genetic Counseling Requirement Benefits Health Plans and Patients

The application of complex genetics in healthcare often requires specialized

knowledge and training. Many providers report discomfort with selecting, interpreting and managing genetic tests and results. In healthcare, a team approach benefits patients. And, genetic counselors are valuable team members providing support for providers using hereditary genetic testing to inform patients’ treatment plans.

In this issue of Informed Insights, retrospective analysis was performed of members of one national health plan who had hereditary cancer and who utilized the required pre-genetic test telephonic genetic counseling appointments during 2019. Prospectively recorded demographic information, test results, and decisions regarding genetic testing are presented.


Among the key findings:


  • A pre-test genetic counseling requirement enabled >6,600 members of one national health plan to receive care considered best practice by multiple professional societies.
  • Cost savings from ineligible or patient-declined testing more than covered costs for genetic counseling.

With the nation’s largest and most experienced organization of full-time, lab-independent genetics specialists, InformedDNA enables health plans to stay ahead of the curve by augmenting a plan’s in-house team with comprehensive clinical genetics expertise, including pre- and post-test services. We empower health plans to promote precision medicine, optimize spending, and avoid unnecessary and unpleasant experiences for members and providers.

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