Genetic Counseling for Tests Ordered Through Invitae

We make it easy for you to refer patients for genetic counseling.

InformedDNA provides convenient access via phone or video to one of the nearly 100 board-certified genetic counselors on staff.

Certain health plans require that patients must receive genetic counseling prior to moving forward with genetic testing. We make it easy for you to refer those patients to us and provide convenient access via phone to one of the nearly 100 board-certified genetic counselors who we have on staff. These genetic counselors average more than eight years of experience and all are InformedDNA employees (not contractors). So, you will have comfort knowing that your patients have access to the largest and most experienced genetics services provider in the country.

How It Works

After receiving a referral, InformedDNA will contact the patient immediately to schedule their appointment with one of our board-certified genetic counselors. Expedited patients who have treatment decisions pending can be scheduled in just a few days and others within 5-10 business days. We even have night and weekend appointment availability.

Telegenetic counselingThe Genetic Counseling Process

Our board-certified genetic counselors are highly trained, covering all genetics subspecialties. As part of the genetic counseling appointment, the genetic counselor will:

  • Collect the patient’s medical history and a 3-4 generation family history
  • Discuss the underlying genetics of the patient’s condition
  • Review the benefits and limitations of genetic testing
  • Help to identify other family members who may also be at-risk and could benefit from genetic counseling and genetic testing
  • Complete the Invitae test requisition form
  • Submit the prior authorization request to the patient’s health plan
  • Review the patient’s genetic test results with them, including implications for their health and the health of their family members

We will inform you, the ordering healthcare provider, of any genetic testing your patient has, and you’ll receive a copy of all test results, as well as a personalized summary of the genetics consultation.

Have questions?

  • Download our Genetic Counseling FAQ specifically for healthcare providers using Invitae for genetic testing.
  • Download our Genetic Counseling Referral Guide for healthcare providers using Invitae for genetic testing.
  • Request the full list of health plans with which we are in-network.

If you are requesting pre-test genetic counseling for your patient, please indicate your lab preference as “Invitae” on the online referral form.

Contact us with any further questions: or 800-975-4819.