Genetic Counseling for LifeMap Sciences Patients

InformedDNA Makes Genetic Counseling Convenient

Our telegenetic counseling services for U.S. patients are as simple as a phone call from the convenience of your home. This approach centers around you and your needs. InformedDNA brings genetic counseling to you, so you don’t have to travel to see a genetics specialist. And, you’ll receive a personalized action plan to ensure that your unique health profile is front and center.

Genetic Testing

When used correctly, genetic testing is a powerful information resource to both patients and healthcare providers. A genetic test can provide specific information that can lead to better and more personalized screening, prevention, and treatment. Genetic testing results can also relieve concern and uncertainty about certain risks and can be used to assist family planning decisions. We believe the future will bring forth new and even more exciting capabilities of genetic testing.

Despite the many benefits of genetic testing, there may also be disadvantages. For example, sometimes a result from a test without appropriate counseling can give you a false sense of security which may lead to unhealthy habits. A test result may also cause unnecessary worry and inaccurate medical management if you don’t fully understand the meaning of the results. And, some genetic tests lack the research and evidence to support claims that the test will benefit your health – this is one area where the expertise of our board-certified genetic counselors is of benefit.

Genetic Counseling

InformedDNA provides convenient access via phone or video to our board-certified genetic counselors.

Genetic counselor providing telehealth serviceAfter requesting an appointment, our patient care team will contact you to schedule a day, evening or weekend appointment with one of our genetic counselors.

Our genetic counselors are highly trained, covering all genetics subspecialties. As part of your appointment, the genetic counselor will:

  • Collect your medical history and a family history
  • Discuss the underlying genetics of your condition
  • Review the benefits and limitations of genetic testing, including insurance coverage guidelines
  • Help to identify other family members who may also be at-risk and could benefit from genetic counseling and genetic testing
  • Review your genetic test results (if testing is pursued), including implications for your health and the health of family members

We will send a personalized summary of the genetics consultation to you and your health care provider, including any genetic testing results, if testing is pursued.

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If you are interested in a consultation with an InformedDNA genetic counselor, talk to your healthcare provider today about a referral! 

Or, you may request an appointment by clicking here.

Learn More About Genetic Counseling

The following videos were created by the National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC) to answer questions that people commonly have:

The Genetic Information Non-discrimination Act (GINA)

This law provides national protections against discrimination for health insurance and employment purposes based on genetic test results. Some states offer additional protections for health care consumers that undergo genetic testing. This will also be discussed during your appointment. For more information, visit: