Until recently, many patients with rare disorders faced few to no treatment options. Gene-based therapies are beginning to change this reality. However, lack of physician awareness, limited access to genetic testing, and delays in diagnosis prevent many eligible patients from receiving these life-changing therapies. Through a partnership with a leading biotech company, InformedDNA provided patient identification and clinical trial support services all the way through FDA approval and post-market outreach to eligible patients.

In this case study, InformedDNA shares strategies used for overcoming our client’s primary challenges, including:

InformedDNA is the largest full-service genetic advisory company, with a suite of offerings for clinical trial sponsors and CROs designed to support clinical trials, natural history studies, and clinical research programs. Our services are optimized to reduce time to enrollment, increase screening efficiencies, improve patient retention, mitigate sponsor risk, and reduce clinical trial costs.

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