Our Mission

InformedDNA optimizes clinical decisions through impactful solutions leveraging the most current genomics expertise. We are the nation’s leading applied genomics company, with the largest independent team of genetics specialists representing the full breadth of specialties and sub-specialties, and backed by more than 14 years of clinical data and financial proof of effectiveness.

Let's break that down.

We love science.

We embrace the complex science and human challenges that many find perplexing. We then codify solutions to make the best in genetic-health simpler for the world to achieve.

We don't like waste.

We provide the guidance needed to make informed decisions that benefit everyone. Our genetic specialists reduce the utilization and medical cost of inappropriate genetic testing.

We don't play favorites.

We are a partner to health plans and pharmaceutical companies, an advisor to health systems and providers, and an advocate for patients. Every touchpoint involves the same unmatched level of expertise.

We share.

We didn’t put together a team unlike any other to keep all that genetics expertise to ourselves. Information is powerful. We’ll help you use that power for good.

Stay Informed.

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