Patient Genetic Counseling

Augment Your Team With Genomics Experts

Turn to us as an extension of your patients’ care team to provide current and easily accessible genomics expertise. We help you:

  • Provide patient guidance
  • Facilitate testing
  • Interpret test results
  • Provide clinically actionable insights    

Help Patients Understand Inherited Risks

Board-certified genetic counselors provide pre-test and post-test counseling, easing your patients’ concerns about inherited risks.   

Provide Guidance

Pre-test counseling navigates patients through the genomic testing process.

Interpret Test Results

Post-test counseling ensures patients and family members understand test results. 

Make Informed Decisions

Make informed treatment decisions with peer-to-peer consultations. 

Genetic counselors have advanced training in medical genetics and counseling to guide and support patients seeking more information about how inherited diseases and conditions might affect them or their families, and to interpret genetic test results based on your personal and family history.

– National Society of Genetic Counselors

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A Better Approach for Your At-Risk Patients

  • InformedDNA brings telegenetic counseling to your patients, so they can meet with a genetic counselor at their convenience. 
  • Our services are considered in-network by most health plans, reducing your patient’s cost for genetic counseling.
  • Our genomics expertise covers a broad range of specialties.      

Inform Genetic Care Decisions

  • Maintain stewardship of your patients while making informed care decisions. 
  • Stay on top of evolving developments in genetics testing and therapies.
  • Get the prior authorizations your patients need for the right tests at the right labs. 
  • Discuss condition-specific testing and therapy decisions with genomics experts. 
  • Meet national best practices standards by providing pre-test genetic counseling.

Our Genetic Counseling Process

Refer a patient to InformedDNA for genetics evaluation, we’ll manage the rest, including:

  1. InformedDNA will contact the patient within two business days to schedule pre-test counseling. Same day referrals can be expedited for urgent decisions.
  2. A board-certified genetics counselor will conduct a thorough pre-test genetic consultation with your patient. 
  3. If testing will be pursued, we’ll provide you with a completed test requisition form (TRF) and pedigree and also help you coordinate DNA sample collection. 
  4. We offer post-test counseling to ensure your patient, and their family members, understand the test results. 

Our Latest Thinking on Genomics

Your Trusted Partner in Applying Genomic Science

InformedDNA is the nation’s first telehealth genomics services company. Our real-world clinical guidance, cost management and patient navigation solutions are built upon the most current genomics insights and are designed to optimize clinical decisions across the care delivery spectrum.

We have helped manage the health benefits of more than 100 million covered lives and have navigated hundreds of thousands of people to the right treatments or clinical trials.

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