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Patient Recruitment Solutions for Genomics-Informed Clinical Trials and Studies

Incorporating genomics into precision medicine is more important than ever. Partner with the genomics experts at InformedDNA to improve the identification, recruitment and engagement of patients eligible for clinical trials, and derive the most value from your clinical research.

Overcome Barriers to Clinical Trial Participation

The use of genomics in healthcare is on the rise, yet sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) face significant challenges identifying appropriate candidates for clinical research, especially for rare diseases. The genomics experts at InformedDNA have the deep scientific knowledge to help our clients drive faster, more successful trials.

Providing advanced genomics solutions for clinical trial design; clinical trial patient recruitment, enrollment, and engagement; and patient genetic counseling and interpretation services.

Physician Engagement

Give community healthcare providers easy access to clinical trial screenings, genetic testing, genetic counseling, and a summary report.

Genetic Counseling

Improve patient education, build trust, and increase engagement with high-touch genetic counseling.

Telemedicine Outreach

Ability to screen patients in their community and refer qualified patients to preferred research sites.

Genomic-Informed Strategies

Deploy strategies that reduce time to enrollment and improve clinical trial outcomes. 

Unrivaled Patient Database

Tap into genomics datasets to identify research candidates across a broad range of disease populations.

IRB Guidance

Ensure research protocols and related materials meet IRB guidelines and comply with data regulations for medical genetics.


of the public is very or somewhat willing to participate in clinical research


of clinical trials are under-enrolled, and some fail to enroll a single patient


of the population actually participates in clinical trials

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Community Physician Engagement Makes Clinical Trials More Accessible

Clinical trial patient recruitment issues are often the largest driver of clinical trial costs and delays. InformedDNA enables community physicians to retain patient stewardship while becoming partners in patient recruitment and engagement. Our medical genetics experts identify and order tests, disclose results to patients in on-site or telemedicine visits, and promote informed choices about clinical management options, including clinical trial eligibility. InformedDNA supports physicians with: 

  • Genetic testing
  • Genetic counseling
  • Clinical trial eligibility

Expert Counseling Increases Trust in Medical Genomics and Clinical Trial Participation

Patients often feel removed from or wary of the clinical trial process, which limits the ability of sponsors and CROs to meet targets in genomic-informed clinical trials. High-touch genetic counseling appointments with the genomics experts at InformedDNA increase the number of patients eligible for, and willing to participate in, clinical research. Our specialty genomics expertise, along with our collaborative genetic counseling and testing program, benefits patients and clients by:

  • Improving patient education
  • Building trust with patients
  • Strengthening patient engagement and community physician
  • Increasing participation in clinical trials
  • Avoiding bias in genetic testing 

Telemedicine Enlarges and Diversifies the Pool of Clinical Trial Candidates

Advances in telehealth technology and the mechanics of testing have expanded access to genomics experts and clinical tests. Telemedicine broadens the pool of candidates for clinical trials by enabling outreach to patients in rural and underserved communities—not just those served by large academic research centers—and screening patients for multiple clinical research studies with different eligibility criteria. 

InformedDNA brings specialty medical genetics services to patients in their homes via telemedicine. Our board certified genetic counselors gather medical and family history and facilitate remote genetic testing to determine whether a patient meets the inclusion criteria for a study prior to on-site evaluation. 

InformedDNA is licensed in all 50 states, making telemedicine access to genomics services available to patients all over the country. We provide guidance through the genetic test decision-making process, help patients accurately interpret test results, and identify clinical trials for which they are eligible—all of which boosts clinical trial patient recruitment for sponsors and CROs.

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InformedDNA is the nation’s first telehealth genomics services company. Our real-world clinical guidance, cost management and patient navigation solutions are built upon the most current genomics insights and are designed to optimize clinical decisions across the care delivery spectrum.

We have helped manage the health benefits of more than 100 million covered lives and have navigated hundreds of thousands of people to the right treatments or clinical trials.

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