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Partnering with InformedDNA

Proven expertise applying genetics in clinical trials, clinical research programs and natural history studies

Partner with genetics experts to derive the most value from your research and improve the identification and recruitment of patients eligible for clinical trials.

With the rise in precision medicine, clinical trial protocols and post-market research have become increasingly complex, but with greater opportunities through integrating genetics and genomics expertise in trial design.

Our team of genetics experts are experienced in working with leading pharmaceutical companies to develop and implement genetics-informed strategies to improve outcomes.

InformedDNA and WCG (WIRB-Copernicus Group) Clinical Services Division have joined forces to help sponsors design and execute more effective clinical trials.

The Center for Genetics and Precision Medicine in Clinical Trials unites InformedDNA’s industry-leading team of genetic specialists and counselors and its extensive genetic database across all therapeutic categories with WCG’s global network of experts in clinical trial optimization and its proprietary industry Knowledge Base™.

Together, we help trial sponsors and CROs effectively apply genetic expertise to their studies, harnessing the power of genetic information.

Program Development

Our genetics experts help you develop collaborative strategies for clinical trial and natural history study design and program framework. We design and implement genetic testing support programs that optimize impact to patients and providers while reducing cost and improving outcomes for sponsors. And, we assist sponsors and CROs with identifying sites and analyzing the geographic distribution of referring providers to increase the probability of trial success.

Patient Identification

As clinical research is increasingly shifting toward rare and orphan diseases, as well as greater personalization of therapies, patient recruitment becomes more of a challenge. We enable easier identification of hard-to-find patient populations through our networks of rare disease specialists. .Our genetics experts can also help guide the choice of inclusion/exclusion criteria for future trial phases and programs to increase the success of patient identification and enrollment.

Patient Engagement and Retention

We build rapport and trust with patients through personalized pre- and post-test genetic counseling with only board-certified, Genetic Counselors. The result is reduced time to diagnosis, elimination of unnecessary diagnostic testing, and improved outcomes. This leads to an increase not only in patient engagement, but also provider satisfaction, maximizing potential for future referrals into the trial.

Data Collection, Analysis and Utilization

We collect appropriate (de-identified) patient experience data and can help with submission to regulatory agencies as part of the clinical development plan. The result is more patient-centric protocols and programs, reflecting the day-to-day course of the disease and how it affects the patient and their family. We also analyze and collaboratively publish genetic trial data to strengthen FDA applications.

“Forging new pathways to support clinical development in genetics and precision medicine is critical to help create a world where no life is limited by genetic disease. The efforts of WCG and InformedDNA to ensure access to genetic testing and counseling are an essential step to support the clinical development of genetic medicines and could benefit millions of patients suffering from rare and genetic diseases.”

Ron Philip, Head of Global Commercial at Spark Therapeutics
Spark is a fully-integrated, commercial gene therapy company that worked with InformedDNA as Spark
prepared for the first FDA approval for a gene therapy for a genetic disease.

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