Why InformedDNA

Supplement your practice with trusted genetics partners to provide genetic counseling and thorough genetics test review.

Studies have shown1 that most physicians believe that genetics is
valuable to their clinical practice, however many don’t feel comfortable discussing genetics results with their patients. InformedDNA steps in as a trusted provider, empowering physicians to provide quality care around genetic conditions and testing.

Personalized medicine is a rapidly growing field. With that, there has been explosive growth in the number of genetic tests on the market, and genetics test review is becomingly increasingly complex. Knowing which tests to order, how to interpret results, and how to change patients’ healthcare management based on results becomes a very complex task.


1Genet Med 2007 May;9(5):259-67; Mt. Sinai J of Med 2000 67(2):144-51; GenomeWeb March 30, 2011; Cancer 2011 Dec 1; 117(23):5334-43.

Benefits for Providers

  • InformedDNA provides comprehensive care with genetic counseling. We enable you to easily offer genetic counseling to your patients regardless of how close or far they live from your office.
  • Partnering with InformedDNA is like adding an entire team of master’s-level genetics specialists to your practice.
  • Our deep bench of genetics experts covers all subspecialties including oncology, reproductive, cardiac, ophthalmology, and neurogenetics.
  • Get convenient access to rare specialists regardless of your location.
  • Avoid the need to refer outside of your practice while still ensuring your patient has access to the highest quality genetics expertise.
  • Ensure the right test is done and offer your patient multidisciplinary care.