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InformedGENOMICS™ gives your teams the guidance they need, all in one place and at their fingertips! Alleviate Pressure on Staff Decrease Unnecessary Spending Reduce Appeal

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Using our InformedGENOMICS™ subscription service, you can equip your health plan’s medical directors, clinical reviewers, policy writers and coders with ready-to-apply policy criteria, clinical utility

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take the risk out of genomic benefits management

Take the Risk Out of Genomic Benefits Management

If they haven’t already, health plans will soon see a rapid rise in the number of members and providers asking whether genomic testing is covered and to what degree. Even though genomic testing may be a small part of a health plan’s benefit management program it can represent a meaningful portion of the risk. And a risk that will only increase if the health plan does not have a well-designed genomics benefit management (GBM) plan in place.

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post market success

How to Help Ensure Post-Market Success for Gene Therapies

Because of the increasing interest in the development of therapeutics for genetic conditions and rare diseases, we wanted to sit down with our VP of Life Sciences Business Development Sean Sigmon to get his perspective on what some forward-thinking organizations are doing to augment their go-to-market plans.  We want to help others understand some of the unique approaches that can be deployed when it comes to improving post-market access for genomic-based therapies. The following questions and answers highlight some concepts we believe biopharma marketers, commercial and market access teams should give strong consideration to.  

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