Partnering with InformedDNA

Proven expertise applying genetics to clinical trials, clinical research programs and natural history studies

Partner with our genetics experts to derive the most value from your research and improve the identification, recruitment and engagement of patients eligible for clinical trials.

With the rise in precision medicine, clinical trial protocols and post-market programs have become increasingly complex, leading to greater opportunities by integrating genetics and genomics expertise.

Our team of genetics experts are experienced in working with leading pharmaceutical companies to develop and implement genetics- informed strategies to improve clinical trial outcomes.

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Why Pharma & Biopharma sponsors partner with InformedDNA

  • We are focused on the Pharma/Life Science market, addressing all aspects of the drug development/delivery continuum of care.

  • Genetic testing lends itself to inefficient processes and high-cost programs. Our services help to reduce clinical trial costs, thereby helping to increase margins.

  • Approximately 35% of clinical trials incorporate genetic testing. It’s more important than ever to work with an experienced team of clinical genetics specialists like ours.

  • Effective management of precision medicine requires policies and claims systems – we help you integrate these with diagnostic and therapeutic activities.

  • We specialize in rare genetic diseases. Our expertise in this area and our longevity as a leading genetic services provider has resulted in an extensive database that we bring to our Sponsor clients.

  • Our services ensure that genetic testing is optimally utilized, matching patients to the most appropriate clinical trial or therapy.

We help clients improve outcomes and mitigate costs

Program Development

  • Collaborative strategies to support program design.
  • Expert design and implementation of genetic testing programs that optimize impact to patients and providers while reducing cost and improving outcomes for sponsors.

Patient Identification

  • Unrivaled patient and genetic testing database enables easier identification of hard- to-find patient populations.
  • Analysis of genetic data helps Sponsors plan inclusion/exclusion criteria of future programs.

Genetic Counseling

  • Unrivaled ‘high touch’ genetic counseling by specialty-trained experts for patients and their families.
  • Licensed in all states, enabling national footprint of specialty genetics services unrivaled by any other genetic counseling provider.

Patient Engagement and Retention

  • Consistent patient satisfaction scores of >95% reflect rapport and trust with patients, facilitating successful patient follow up for clinical trial opportunities.
  • Ability to re-contact patients ensures faster enrollment of future studies in your drug development pipeline.

Data Collection, Analysis and Utilization

  • Collection of genetically appropriate, de-identified, patient experiential data facilitates submission to regulatory agencies.
  • Collection of patient experience, motivation, and decision-making data identifies and reduces barriers to study enrollment, and supports long-term study planning.

“Forging new pathways to support clinical development in genetics and precision medicine is critical to help create a world where no life is limited by genetic disease. The efforts of WCG and InformedDNA to ensure access to genetic testing and counseling are an essential step to support the clinical development of genetic medicines and could benefit millions of patients suffering from rare and genetic diseases.”

– Head of Global Commercial at a leading pharmaceutical company
that worked with InformedDNA as they prepared for the first FDA approval
for a gene therapy for a genetic disease.

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