At InformedDNA, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation and the public health efforts across the country. In addition to the health of our employees, our top priority is doing our part to help our clients cope with the challenges resulting from the pandemic.

We have had a telegenetic counseling model in place since 2007. So, hospital and health system patients, health plan members, and clinical trial participants can continue to receive expert genetic counseling and test facilitation from our team of nearly 100, full-time, board-certified genetics specialists — all from the safety and comfort of their own home during weekdays, evenings or weekends.

Access to genetic counseling is critical for patients awaiting results of genetic testing to guide treatment decisions. Even patients for whom the results of genetic testing may not have an immediate impact may desire access to genetic counseling services now to reduce any anxiety related to testing.

As fellow healthcare professionals, our team shares the concerns that you may be feeling as we work to care for patients as safely and efficiently as possible. And, as you and your colleagues develop your own preparedness plans, our team is here to help you navigate any genetics services challenges you anticipate. If we can help, please contact us at 844-846-3793 or

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