Webinar: Best Practices for Genetic Test Utilization Management as Part of a Precision Medicine Strategy

The pace of genomic and genetic medical innovation is breathtaking, and greatly affects the application of precision medicine for health plan members. Plans not only have to address policy for the sheer number of genetic tests on the market – more than 74,000 – but also how to ensure that members undergo only medically appropriate testing, and that both members and ordering providers make fully informed testing decisions.

It’s clear there’s a need for payers to provide high-touch genetic testing support to physicians and members so that the right test is ordered for the right member at the right time. At InformedDNA, our work with health plans across the country points to a number of best practices for genetic test utilization management (UM) that help to ensure that members receive only appropriate, evidence-based genetic testing, while also promoting the use of genetic tests to inform appropriate utilization of other expensive therapies.

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