What We Do

We Partner With Health Plans

Genomics is driving rapid evolution in healthcare. Health plans need a partner who understands genomic medicine, keeps pace with trends and drives the most effective management strategies for genetic testing.

InformedDNA’s full-cycle Genetic Benefits Management™ solutions help health plans to ensure the most appropriate genetic testing for members, while also significantly reducing unnecessary genetic test spend.

Our solutions, which support utilization management and claims management, combined with our direct provision of genetic counseling services, address all areas where genetic testing affects health plans and their providers and members.  As a result, our clients are able to eliminate wasteful and unnecessary spending totaling as much as 45% of current genetic test costs.

As part of our full-cycle Genetic Benefits Management solutions, we make your team smarter and enhance the policy development process. We educate and engage providers, influencing ordering patterns to solve the root problems instead of simply reacting to inappropriate test requests. Health plans experience significant savings by reducing inappropriate genetic test requests.


We Augment Genetics Services for Health Systems and Hospitals

Our relationship with health systems is unique.

We offer immediate value to health systems by providing clinical expertise across a wide variety of specialties. Because genetic testing follows the standard of care, partnering with InformedDNA satisfies the Commission on Cancer’s accreditation requirements for systematic risk assessment and genetic counseling.

Our depth of knowledge of all genetics specialties offers tremendous value to health systems, empowering them to branch into new specialties and keep up with growing patient volume.

The bottom line?

Take advantage of full service genetics expertise and COC compliance without staffing up.

Easy Access to Genetics Expertise for Your Patients

We Advise Pharmaceutical Companies

Incorporating genetics expertise into clinical trial and gene therapy programs is more important than ever.

We help sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) increase patient identification and recruitment, improve patient retention, and engage physicians as enrollment sites. Our lab-agnostic, patient-centric approach has the sponsor’s/CRO’s best interest in mind. And, our unique genetics expertise across all medical specialties helps to drive faster, more successful trials and speeds the payer commercialization process.

The bottom line?

Improve clinical trial outcomes and post-market success while mitigating study costs.

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We Advocate for Patients

We take our clinical genetic counseling services seriously.

This is our patient touchpoint — the ability to empower patients with personalized information about their risks and the best options to manage them. The recommendations we make follow best practices and are with the patient’s best interests in mind. We work independently and are committed to patient-centered care.

When a patient schedules an appointment with one of our genetic counselors, they are connected to a Master’s-level, certified genetics expert who is uniquely qualified to interpret their family’s history — through multiple generations.

Patients have the convenience of day, evening, or weekend consults via telephone, with no need to travel, take time off work, or wait weeks for an appointment. Patients consistently give satisfaction ratings of more than 95% year-over-year.

The bottom line?

Get unprecedented access to genetics experts from the comfort of home.

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