Rapid advances in genomic science and the implementation of personalized medicine require new approaches to health plan policy and evidence review processes. InformedDNA genetics experts have developed a forward-thinking approach with its Coverage Decision Framework™, enabling health plans to develop timely policies that ensure members have access to the most current, effective and safe approaches to genomic medicine.

While multiple frameworks exist today for evidence review, few, if any solutions have emerged that address all facets of genetic testing. InformedDNA’s Coverage Decision Framework fills this void by providing a systematic, efficient and reproducible mechanism to assist provider and payer decision making in today’s landscape of genomic medicine.

The use of multiple risk/benefit drivers prompts systematic assessment of the unique aspects of multi-gene panel testing, alleviating the increasingly frequent coverage predicaments brought on by the rapidly growing number of tests in today’s marketplace.

The framework produces transparent genetic test coverage recommendations supported by evidence that is clearly illustrated. The InformedDNA Coverage Decision Framework stands alone in its flexibility to accommodate multiple stakeholder considerations and goals and provide clear guidance toward coverage decisions.

Download your copy of the whitepaper, “A Novel Approach to Evaluating the Utility of Genetic Tests: A Coverage Decision Framework.”


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