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Your Genomics Partner for
Precision Health Cost Management Genetic Counseling Genetic Testing Clinical Trials

InformedDNA’s tech-forward solutions for payors, life sciences, and health systems, unlock the application of genomic insights to enhance patient care and improve outcomes for all. Developed for easy and fast implementation, our solutions ensure clients can make informed decisions, manage utilization, control costs, and provide ideal patient/provider experiences—at scale.


DNAimpact Precision Health Program


Genetic Testing
Utilization Management






Clinical Trial Recruitment

Powered by Our Genomics Experts and Advanced Technology 

Specialty-Driven to Evolve With Rapidly-Changing Landscape

Specialty-specific and evolving with the rapidly-changing landscape, InformedDNA’s genomics expertise spans all medical specialties and sub-specialties including:
Pediatric & Adult Genetics
Fetal Medicine
Whole Genome/Exome

Our specialty-driven approach to developing clinical guidelines, coverage policies, and more was designed with built-in flexibility that can evolve along with the rapidly changing science and genomics landscape. Our competitors use a gene- or test-based approach that is, by comparison, significantly limited in keeping up with the rapid pace of new tests, gene discoveries, and specialty drugs flooding the market. Combining our deep genetics expertise with our specialty-based approach to clinical guidance and patient care enables payors to adapt to real-world genomic application and makes it simpler to navigate, understand, and apply genomic insights in any setting.

Convert our Genomics Expertise Into ROI for You

As a tech-enabled, solution-based company, we recognize the crucial role that technology plays in the advancement of precision health. InformedDNA is building on its success in creating significant cost-savings for clients in the areas of genetic testing utilization management, medical policy development, and payment integrity solutions that address both current and proactive needs for 2024 and beyond.


Deeply integrating InformedDNA’s gold-standard clinical genetics expertise across all genetic specialties with our digital healthcare experience platform. This infusion of humans and technology bolsters our ability to implement these Precision Healthcare-oriented solutions, that are both evidence-based and cost-effective, to meet the critical need for:

  • Ongoing, AI-enabled, interactive patient education
  • Greater coordination across the care continuum
  • Premium genetic health coaching for patients
  • Consultative genetic experts for providers
  • Expert oversight and genetic counseling

We look forward to becoming your precision health implementation partner — putting the key into the hands of our current and future clients, and, ultimately, patients to drive more efficient prevention, hereditary health treatments, and therapeutic development — where and when they matter most.

A Commitment to Education is at the Core of InformedDNA

Our deep commitment to improving access to ongoing genomic education, authored and updated by experts, is fundamental to ensuring patients, providers, and clients harness the full potential of genomics insights.

For patients, we offer equitable access to genetic education including:

pre- and post-test genetic counseling
virtual and print educational materials
live/on-demand webinars and workshops
For healthcare providers, we offer a variety of programs and resources designed to enhance understanding and incorporate genetic guidance into safe, fully-informed patient-centered care including: 
print/digital materials and toolkits
peer-to-peer consultations and tumor board participation
educational webinars
Filling the need for genomics educational resources empowers patients and providers to communicate and collaborate effectively, fully equipped with sufficient information to make better informed healthcare decisions for the best possible outcomes.

We are Committed to Revolutionizing the Application of Genomic Insights to Enhance Patient Care and Improve Outcomes for All

Partner with us today to shape the future of precision health!