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Genetic Counseling

Empower informed and clinically-appropriate genetic counseling health decisions

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Behind every interaction we have with patients is a team of genomics experts across all specialties, providing complete risk assessment and accurate guidance for genetic testing interpretation and clinical management, delivering unparalleled precision healthcare support. 

That’s why payors, life sciences, and other risk-bearing organizations choose InformedDNA’s telegenetic counseling and clinical management services to ensure broad access to quality care and optimize clinical resources.

Deliver Convenient Care
Across the US

With nationwide access to board-certified and licensed genetic counselors, geographic accessibility is no longer an issue. Enhance the patient experience with convenient at-home scheduling and appointment delivery through your mobile device. Time-zone friendly appointments offered days, nights, and weekends to fit patients’ needs.

Provide Accurate Guidance for Time and Cost Savings

Rely on the specialized knowledge and experience of our genetics experts who ensure that only relevant and necessary genetic tests are performed. This targeted approach avoids the costs associated with broad, non-specific testing and eliminates costly repeat testing — one test can be as much as $14,000.

Leverage In-Network Genetic Counselor Relationships

As the first telehealth genetic counseling company in the nation, we’ve been at this for almost 20 years and have achieved in-network status with state, regional, and national health plans. These relationships help reduce cost of care for patients and reduce administrative burden of billing and reimbursement. We take care of it all.

Avoid Costly Legal Troubles from Misinterpretation of Results

Incorrect genetic testing interpretation of results by medical professionals without extensive genetics training can lead to serious repercussions, including incorrect diagnoses, unnecessary, life-damaging surgeries, and costly lawsuits for payors, health systems, and providers. InformedDNA’s board-certified genetic counselors are uniquely trained to interpret results and have specialized, clinical knowledge of personal and family health history, genetic test specifics, and other valuable insights into health conditions impacted by genetics.

Flexible Process Design to Meet the Needs of Payors, Health Systems, Providers, Labs, and Most Importantly — PATIENTS

Select one of our convenient patient referral options that fit seamlessly into your workflow. We will reach out to the patient within two business days of receiving the referral to schedule telegenetic counseling. Same day referrals can be expedited for urgent cases.

Doctor providing online genetic counseling to a patient
Telehealth Genetic Counseling with Doctor

A board-certified genetic counselor will conduct a thorough telehealth genetic evaluation, exploring personal and family health history to help the individual understand risk factors and determine if genetic testing is right for them.

Person receiving online genetic counseling services at home
Telehealth Genetic Counseling at Home

If testing is pursued, we can manage the consent and test ordering process. The provider receives a completed test requisition form (TRF), clinical documentation, and assistance in coordinating DNA sample collection. We then oversee order fulfillment and testing coordination with all major labs.

Lab selection is based on the patient’s insurance and the best test for the condition.

Person using a swab for genetic testing in an online counseling session
Genetic Testing for Telehealth Counseling

One-on-one telegenetic counseling provides assurance that patients and families understand their test results AND the implications those results have for their clinical care. Every patient receives a personalized summary report with results and actionable, clear recommendations for next steps.

Patient in a video call with a doctor for online genetic counseling
Video Consultation for Telehealth Genetic Counseling

Why Payors Health Systems Sponsors Clients Choose InformedDNA

Comprehensive Genetic 
Counseling Coverage

InformedDNA’s board-certified and licensed genetics specialists have expertise in Oncology, Cardiology, Neuropathy, Reproductive Health and more.

Excellent Patient Service

InformedDNA offers convenient referral and scheduling tools, with most patients contacted within 2 business days. Patients report a Net Promoter Score of 72.

No Lab Conflicts

InformedDNA has no lab affiliations, eliminating any conflict of interest when counseling patients and ordering the right test.

How Can We Help?

Reach out today to speak with a specialist and learn more about how our decades of experience and breadth of knowledge across all genetics subspecialties can work for your organization.

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