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[My Genetic Counselor] was very thorough, optimistic, caring, and passionate. I felt like we got to know each other — a comforting feeling to have had during a difficult time.”
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Compassionate and Guided Support for Every Step of Your Personal Journey in Genetics

InformedDNA has provided genetic counseling services to over 200,000 patients since our founding in 2007. For almost two decades, we have specialized in telehealth genetic counseling appointments with fully-licensed, board-certified genetics experts across all subspecialties. When you come to InformedDNA, you can rest easy knowing you’re going to receive the absolute best patient care and guidance available.

Understanding and exploring how your genetics impact your health, diagnoses, and treatment options can be scary and confusing. Our caring counselors through our telehealth genetic counseling are available at every stage to provide reassurance and help so you can make well-informed decisions about your care.

What is Genetic Counseling?

Genetic counseling gives you information about how your genetics may affect your health risks or conditions that could run in the family. The genetic counselor or other healthcare profesional will collect your personal and family health history. They use this information to determine how likely it is that you or your family member has a genetic risk or may have a genetic condition. Based on this information, the gentic counselor can help you decide whether a genetic test might be right for you or your relative.

Who are Genetic Counselors?

Genetic counselors are important members of your healthcare team who have the advanced training in medical genetics and counseling to guide and support patients seeking more information about:

  • how inherited health risks or conditions might affect them or their families
  • how to interpret genetic test results based on your personal and family history

Genetic counselors can meet with individuals or families before or after genetic testing, either in person or via telehealth genetic counseling. Our genetic counselors specialize in: prenatal, pediatric, oncology, neurology, cardiology/cardiovascular, ophthalmology, mental health and many other areas.

What can I Expect During My Telehealth Genetic Counseling Appointment?

Your safety and privacy are extremely important to us. InformedDNA provides real-time expert consultation and convenient access to our counselors from the comfort of your home.

You may be referred to a genetic counselor by a doctor (such as an obstetrician, oncologist, or medical geneticist) to discuss your family history and genetic risks, or before or after having genetic testing. While genetic counselors are not medical doctors, they are experts in the interpretation of genetic test results and work closely with your physician.

Source: National Society of Genetic Counselors

Before your appointment

You’ll be matched with an experienced genetic counselor based on the state you are in and the counselor’s clinical area of expertise. When necessary, you will receive a text or email with links to fill out family and medical history in advance of your appointment. You will receive a link with instructions for how to join our online telehealth platform at the appropriate time.


During your appointment

Prepare for your appointment by finding a quiet place to avoid interruptions. Make sure you are in a location where you can speak freely with your genetic counselor. At the time of your appointment, please use your mobile device or a computer to join the telehealth virtual room. You may choose to have your video on or off for the appointment. After introductions, your genetic counselor will walk through your personal and family medical history to get a comprehensive health view. Based on the information you’ve shared, your counselor will make a recommendation as to whether or not genetic testing would be the appropriate next step. If testing is recommended, your counselor will answer any questions you have and review all the information you need to make an informed decision, including:

  • General benefits, risks, and limitations of testing
  • Which genetic test is right for you
  • The testing process
  • The potential role of testing other family members
  • Implications, cost and other practical aspects of testing

If you decide to move forward with genetic testing, you’ll receive information about how to collect a sample and proceed with testing.

After your appointment

Another consultation session will be scheduled to discuss the results and any recommended follow-up care. For this post-test telehealth consultation you will receive your results with a full explanation of what they mean for you and your family members. Take as much time as you need to ask questions. Your genetic counselor will empower you with information for your overall healthcare and provide emotional support as you make decisions. A full electronic version of the lab test result and a comprehensive summary report of your consultation will be sent to your referring provider. They will also be uploaded to your patient portal for you to print and share with family, friends, future providers — anyone you choose.

Genetic Counseling Cost and Billing


InformedDNA accepts most commercial insurance, Medicaid, and some Medicare Advantage plans. We bill in-network insurance and collect any copay or deductible due directly from you. Typical in-network costs are between $30-50. View our in-network plans.


No insurance or out-of-network? No problem! Our billing specialists will discuss our self-pay pricing. Your genetic counselor and the testing lab will communicate directly with you about any out-of-pocket costs for genetic testing, which are billed separately.

 Schedule an Appointment

To schedule a telehealth genetic counseling appointment, call (800) 975-4819

or click below to schedule online.

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