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About Us

With over 15 years in the genomics industry, we’ve invested in the deep genetics expertise and technology to deliver the real-time insights and solutions our clients need to optimize clinical decisions, improve outcomes, and realize cost savings and benefits at scale.

InformedDNA’s proven ability to keep pace with the continuously-changing landscape of genomics reinforces our commitment to advancing personalized healthcare and improving patient outcomes.

Our Mission

We are revolutionizing the application and implementation of genomic insights to enhance patient care and improve outcomes for all.
We work every day to accomplish our shared goal to change healthcare positively for all players. We think payors should have access to tech-driven solutions that apply genomics insights to help shape policy and make informed decisions that benefit us all. We think all providers across the US should have equal access to payment integrity solutions, genetics experts and insights to help make informed decisions around care plans for screening, diagnosis, and treatment. And we think patients through services such as telegenetic counseling should have easy access to genetic counselors and genomics clinicians to ensure all of us are supported and empowered at every step of our personal genetics journeys. Bottom line? We think genomics can make a real and immediate impact on healthcare and we infuse that mission into every decision we make and every action we take.

Our Vision

To shape the future of precision healthcare.

We envision a future where healthcare truly is personalized and the one-size-fits-all approach to research, patient management, and treatment that we experience today is a thing of the past. In that future, our treatment options are the same no matter where we live, and we all have access to optimal health journeys without exorbitant costs or restrictions. To make that future a reality, our team is focused on incorporating ongoing technological advancements with the evolving genomic landscape to deliver solutions that ensure payors can support key precision health initiatives and that help providers and patients utilize genomics insights to evolve the standard of care.

Our Values

Our core values are vitally important to fostering a healthy remote culture. They guide our internal behaviors and decision making – demonstrated in the way we treat each other and the quality of service we bring to our clients.

Awards & Accreditations

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