InformedDNA and HealthHelp announce powerful new partnership to transform Genetic Testing UM for health plans everywhere. Read More | InformedDNA and HealthHelp announce powerful new partnership to transform Genetic Testing UM for health plans everywhere. Read More | InformedDNA and HealthHelp announce powerful new partnership to transform Genetic Testing UM for health plans everywhere. Read More

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Streamline participant qualification with expert-led trial recruitment
and retention 

Accelerate Eligible Patient Enrollment With Genetics Expertise and Genetic Counseling Support

Traditional approaches to recruiting and retaining eligible participants to meet clinical trial enrollment numbers are an ongoing challenge in the drug development arena. It consumes more time, leads to more missed deadlines and greater increased costs than any other aspect of clinical trials.1

InformedDNA’s proven approach to screening, testing, and engaging eligible candidates makes recruitment more efficient and effective for improved clinical trial performance.

Measurable Trial Results

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rare disease clinical trials, including recruiting for the first FDA-approved gene therapy and the first approved RNA itherapy
business days to complete patient screening, accelerating enrollment by up to
8 weeks
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of qualified patients agree to be referred to the enrollment site for further evaluation
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sponsor satisfaction

Recruit only eligible patients

Our deep expertise means we steer toward the right genetic test(s) and labs to best meet the needs of your trial. Targeted identification capabilities, such as meticulous genetic screening and in-depth patient and family health history review, ensure only the most qualified candidates are referred to your trial sites.

Improve retention with personalized engagement

Build trust & rapport with each participant through personalized genetic counseling. Helping trial candidates feel more supported improves participant satisfaction, engagement and retention, in addition to creating an opportunity to improve DEI performance metrics for your trial.

Screen more candidates faster with telehealth access

Extend your reach to more patients and families with nationwide telehealth access to genetic counselors. Boost screening volume, and uncover targeted populations you may have missed, for more qualified candidates.

Gain additional oversight with genetic test result adjudication service

Protect the integrity of your clinical research by ensuring ineligible patients don’t slip through the cracks with InformedDNA’s result adjudication services. Work closely with our clinical research experts to audit your site’s screening, testing, and eligibility decision making to strengthen the validity of selected participants and clinical trial outcomes. 

Inside Look:

Telehealth Genetic Counseling and Clinical Trial Process

Referral for Screening
How do we get referrals for clinical trials? Healthcare providers, patient advocacy groups, caregivers or patients themselves.

Once the referral is received, the patient is registered and an appointment is scheduled.

Pre-Test Consultation

Genetic counselors obtain family and medical history, address psychosocial concerns, and discuss the process for clinical trial eligibility assessment.​

Genetic Test Facilitation
Genetic testing is conducted with a convenient at-home sample collection process.
Post-Test Consultation

When genetic test results are complete, the patient meets with a genetic counselor to ensure understanding of the results as it relates to the patient, family, and trial eligibility.

Summary Report

Formal summary report of the information discussed during consultation is shared with the patient and/or healthcare provider.

Patients who meet the criteria will be consented or consent-ready when referred to the appropriate trial site.

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The genomics experts at InformedDNA have the deep scientific knowledge to help our clients drive faster, more successful trials.

Partner with us to improve the recruitment and retention of patients eligible for clinical trials, and derive the most value from your clinical research.

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