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Taking Payor Health System Life Sciences Client genomics-related
goals to new heights

Your Unique Challenges Inspire Our Innovation

With InformedDNA as your partner in precision health, experience the confidence that comes from working with the industry’s foremost genetics experts. We translate the complex by transforming our deep genomics expertise into scalable yet robust clinical and cost management solutions for clients that are easy to implement and generate immediate success.


With genetic testing volume exploding, risk-bearing entities need genomics expertise to effectively and compliantly navigate this complex landscape. InformedDNA’s Genetic Testing Utilization Management and Payment Integrity solutions help payors empower members to gain control of their genetic health — where and when they need it — while controlling costs, meeting quality standards, and supporting providers to deliver confident care, resulting in improved outcomes.

Health Systems

InformedDNA’s genetic counseling and clinical management services help health systems limit risk and optimize resources, while achieving significant cost savings and enhancing patient experience. For large, medium, and small systems, our genetic services programs scale to meet any health system’s needs including: referrals, genetics education, convenient telehealth care options, full- and partial genetic counselor staffing, overflow and backlog relief, and accreditation.

Life Sciences

We help clinical trial sponsors and contract research organizations (CROs) at biopharma companies successfully leverage genetics experts and services to qualify, recruit, and retain more clinical trial-ready patients. 
Our personalized, telehealth model expands your reach to screen more patients, contributing to wider, more equitable and timely access to genetic services.


Only through collaboration can we shape the future of precision healthcare. As a leader in the industry, we collaborate with a variety of organizations seeking to leverage our deep clinical roots and genomics expertise including our: unrivaled bank of clinical data; multidisciplinary team of genetics experts, pharmacists, and MD’s; and our trusted relationships with specialists, patient foundations and advocacy groups; and more. Our InformedDNA team works to understand your unique challenges and explore like-minded goals to provide custom solutions.

How Can We Help You?

Reach out today to discover how our dynamic solutions can help your organization make informed decisions, manage utilization of genetic tests, and control costs for cost-effective enhanced patient care and better outcomes for all.

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