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Evidence-based Genomics Guidance

Equip medical directors and clinical reviewers at your health plan with ready-to-use criteria and clinical utility reviews to ensure that members have access to the highest quality genomics-based care.

Make the Application of Genomic Science Easier

The sheer number of emerging genomic technologies and therapeutics can be overwhelming. With an increasing number of non-genetics providers ordering these tests, health plans need the ability to efficiently and confidently access the most current genomic information to make the right decisions for members.

InformedGENOMICS supports medical directors’ and clinical reviewers’ most acute challenges, including complex clinical reviews, peer-to-peer discussions, and appeals evaluations.

This subscription-based service for national and regional health plans offers consistent guidance and confident decision-making with step-by-step support through access to:

  • Best-in-class medical/coverage policies
  • Molecular test technical assessments and coding guidance
  • On-demand access to evidence reviews for hundreds of genetic conditions and thousands of genomic tests

Evidence-based Coverage for Genetic Tests

The traditional approaches to policy development are difficult to apply to genetic testing because of the rapid introduction of novel technologies, paucity of published evidence, and heavy market pressures. 

The clinical policy that drives prior authorization and other utilization management (UM) approaches needs to be viewed through a genomics-specific lens to meet the pace of development and complex demands of the genetic testing landscape. InformedGENOMICS complements and augments existing UM programs within your plan, through licensing use of our:

  • Frequently updated genomic coverage policy criteria
  • Library of comprehensive literature reviews and references on hundreds of genetic conditions
  • Coverage decision workflows for clinical reviewers
  • Detailed molecular coding and test insights

And, additional services, such as consulting on government policy application and appeal navigation, can further augment your in-house expertise.

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InformedDNA is the nation’s first telehealth genomics services company. Our real-world clinical guidance, cost management and patient navigation solutions are built upon the most current genomics insights and are designed to optimize clinical decisions across the care delivery spectrum.

We have helped manage the health benefits of more than 135 million covered lives and have navigated hundreds of thousands of people to the right prevention, diagnosis, treatment, or clinical trial.

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