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Proven expertise applying genetics to clinical trials, clinical research programs and natural history studies

Partner with our genetics experts to derive the most value from your research and improve the identification, recruitment and engagement of patients eligible for clinical trials.

With the rise in precision medicine, clinical trial protocols and post-market programs have become increasingly complex, leading to greater opportunities by integrating genetics and genomics expertise.

Our team of genetics experts are experienced in working with leading pharmaceutical companies to develop and implement genetics- informed strategies to improve your clinical trial outcomes. Our optimized offerings remove these obstacles by:

  • Reducing time to enrollment
  • Improving patient identification, recruitment, and engagement
  • Deriving the most value from research and genetic data
  • Ensuring post-market success


Patient Diversity in Clinical Trials: View Webinar

Meeting Challenges and Exceed Targets in Genetics-Informed Clinical Trials

View this short video for a guide to navigating the key challenges that come with developing and implementing clinical trials for genetic diseases.

See what InformedDNA can do for your crinical trials

Our products help you recruit patients, access marketing insights, and help coordinate research.

We help clients improve outcomes, while mitigating risks and costs.

Optimize Patient Engagement

Optimize patient recruitment and maximize market insights by uncovering targeted populations at the community level leveraging proven telegenetics methods to screen clinical trial candidates. And, target communication to the healthcare providers managing these rare disease patients.

  • Nationwide rare disease network
  • Proven recruitment and pre-screening process
  • High-touch patient screening
  • Expert genetic testing program design
  • Assurance for regulatory compliance
  • Valuable reporting insights

Download this PDF to learn what InformedRECRUIT can do for your rare disease clinical trial.

Full-Service Study Coordination

Utilize our trusted IRB-approved screening programs to simplify the genetic testing process and reduce barriers to clinical trial enrollment.

  • Full-service study coordination
  • High-touch genetic testing program
  • Established healthcare provider relationships
  • Valuable reporting insights

Ensure Post-Market Success

Ensure post-market success by identifying rare disease therapy candidates in their communities and ensuring successful coverage policies with payors.

  • Nationwide rare disease network
  • Proven pre-screening process
  • Expert genetic testing program design
  • Optimized data for FDA review
  • Deep payor relationships
  • Valuable reporting insights

Download this PDF to learn more about the benefits of InformedACCESS.

“Forging new pathways to support clinical development in genetics and precision
medicine is critical to help create a world where no life is limited by genetic disease.
The efforts of WCG and InformedDNA to ensure access to genetic testing and
counseling are an essential step to support the clinical development of genetic
medicines and could benefit millions of patients suffering from rare and genetic

– Head of Global Commercial at a leading pharmaceutical company
that worked with InformedDNA as they prepared for the first FDA approval
for a gene therapy for a genetic disease.

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