About Us

InformedDNA is the leading authority on the appropriate use of genetic testing.

As genetics experts, counsel and advise health plans, health systems, physicians, foundations, and pharmaceutical companies. In addition, we provide clinical services, offering patients convenient access to board-certified genetic counselors.

We employ the largest fully employed staff of objective genetics specialists in the nation.

Our high-touch, technologically-advanced approach sets us apart – and sets you apart.
We bring the value of unmatched expertise and talent to every health plan, pharmaceutical company, health system and healthcare organization we work with. Direct access to our genetics experts empowers you to provide personalized, cutting-edge care while optimizing healthcare spending.

* HITRUST CSF Certification achieved for IDNAcentral™ and Client Data Analysis systems.

But that doesn’t tell
the whole story.

Working with InformedDNA means connecting directly with our team of genetics experts and genetics resources. We’re true partners. At the core of our services, we’re committed to patients getting the right tests that lead to better care. Everyone benefits from informed decisions.

We’re also parents. We’re brothers and sisters.
We’re sons and daughters.

We’re real people obsessed with the field of genetics and the
implications of genetic testing.

Many of our team members have personal experience that lends a compassionate touch to their service.

Whether they’re working in a clinical capacity or not. That’s what makes us different.

From our Reproductive Genetics Team Lead who missed her senior prom to present at a science fair to our Ocular Team Lead who climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in support of Usher syndrome research, we are a group of caring individuals with rare insight into the very building blocks that make us human.