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InformedDNA is the country’s leading applied genomics company, helping harness the full power of precision medicine.

We believe that genomics is the future of medicine. But for all its promise, it’s not yet delivering optimally, as it requires highly qualified and dedicated genomics experts to keep up with the pace of development. Our solutions are designed to give health organizations access to the highest quality, most current genomics insights to optimize clinical decisions.

We have the largest independent staff of board-certified genetics specialists in the U.S.

Our complete breadth and depth of genetics expertise in the genetic treatment process, combined with our range of practical clinical experience and high-touch, patient-centered approach is what sets us apart. As a Genomics Company we apply the current genomics insights to real-world solutions that bring value to every health organization, provider, pharmaceutical company, and patient we work with.

We’re leading you forward in the genomics revolution.

Our team is focused on translating our genomics expertise into real-world solutions that are easy to implement and drive enterprise-wide value. As partners with strong analytics, a proven track record, and high customer retention, we want you to have confidence that our solutions address over- and under-utilization, optimize clinical decisions, and help to manage downstream costs.

We’re a trusted partner to health plans and pharmaceutical companies, helping you make the strategic moves to stay ahead.

But that doesn’t tell the whole story… we’re real people obsessed with the field of genetics and the benefits of the genetic treatment process.

Our heritage of being the nation’s first telehealth genetic counseling company has made us appreciate the value of the personal touch. Working with us means connecting directly with our team of genomic experts. It means you get a customizable approach to implementation design.

We’re a trusted resource to healthcare providers and patients, as at our core, we’re committed to the best care for patients. Everyone benefits from informed decisions.

* HITRUST CSF Certification achieved for IDNAcentral™ and Client Data Analysis systems.

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