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Telehealth Genetic Counseling

As valued members of your healthcare team, our board-certified genetic counselors collaborate with your healthcare provider and meet with you to help you navigate genetic testing with a full understanding of the benefits and limitations so that you can make informed decisions about genetic testing and proceed with a care plan that meets your needs.

Take Control of Your Care

Understand your inherited genetic risks and the benefits of personalized healthcare.

Convenient and Accessible

We bring the experts to you! Talk to a genetic counselor from the comfort of your home at a time that’s convenient
for you.

Get the Answers
You’re Seeking

Genetic testing brings up many questions and concerns for patients and their families. Let us explain the process, uses, benefits, and limitations.

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Genetic counseling reduces the anxiety and uncertainty many patients experience with genetic testing.
Schedule an appointment with a certified genetic counselor.

Family Genetics

InformedDNA genomics experts help you figure out which aspects of your family medical history are most important for your health and how this knowledge can help decrease your risk for health issues.

Is Genetic Counseling Right for You?

Every patient who is appropriate for genetic testing is also appropriate for genetic counseling. If you’re unsure that genetic counseling is right for you, fill out this questionnaire for some guidance.

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Your Genetic Counseling and Genetic Testing Journey:

Scheduling: If your provider has referred you for genetic counseling, we will reach out to you to schedule a virtual appointment and provide access to our Patient Portal.

Registration: The Patient Portal is a secure message system where you can complete your family history, schedule or cancel appointments, upload and receive documents, and communicate with your genetic counselor.

Pre-test consultation: During your virtual appointment, a board-certified genetic counselor will review your medical and family history.

Genetic test facilitation: If genetic testing is recommended, our genomics specialists will facilitate genetic testing by obtaining prior authorizations, recommending the right labs, and working with your provider to collect a DNA sample.

Post-test consultation: When your results come in, a genetic counselor will meet with you and your family to ensure you understand the results.

Summary report: You and your provider will receive a comprehensive report of your genetic testing results.

Provider-to-provider consultation: A genomics expert will provide your physician with clinically actionable insights and tailor your action plan to meet your needs.

Get the Right Test
and Treatment

Genomics is a rapidly evolving and complex discipline hindered by expensive tests and treatments. Our genomics experts work hand-in-hand with you and your provider to ensure personalized testing and treatment plans, informed by the most up-to-date genomics research and insights. This results in lower costs and better outcomes for you and your family.

Thank you so much for your time and explanation of my family history and genetic testing. It was really helpful to hear the background rather than being told 'you should get this done, just do it.'  –Quote from actual patient

Patient Feedback

Optimize genomics-related decision making with solutions for:

Health Plans

Collaborate with genomics experts to augment clinical care for your patients.

Healthcare Providers

Drive harmonized results across genomics-based care, cost and access.

Life Sciences

Power your precision medicine studies and clinical trials with genomics expertise and patient navigation services.


Let us guide you through your complex health decisions.

Access Support That Is Uniquely Suited to Precision Medicine

Improve research and clinical trial outcomes and the post-market success of precision healthcare.


Telehealth genetic counseling provider in the U.S., starting in 2007

Overall patient satisfaction with our services is


In-Network Status With National and Regional Plans


Telehealth genetic counseling provider in the U.S., starting in 2007
Overall patient satisfaction with our services is



In-Network Status
With National and Regional Plans

Why Pharma/Biotech Sponsors and CROs Partner With Us

InformedDNA genetic counseling services are considered in-network by many healthcare plans. You’ll benefit from:

  • Flexible billing options
  • Referrals for the most appropriate genetic tests
  • Prior authorizations for testing and treatment
  • Verification that the testing lab is covered by your insurance
  • Comprehensive care
  • Improved outcomes

The Genetic Counseling Process

  1. Together, we’ll discuss your history and risk, and the benefits and limitations of genetic testing.
  2. Then, we’ll help order the appropriate test, if testing is indicated and you choose to proceed.
  3. Genetic specialists will interpret your results and explain what it means for you and your family.
  4. We’ll discuss how to manage your disease risk and provide follow-up care recommendations.

Access Genetic Counseling That Meets Your Needs

Receive flexible and convenient genetic counseling services:

  • Flexible appointments
    • Day
    • Evening
    • Weekends
  • Multilingual counseling
    • Interpreter assistance for most languages
    • Video Relay Services (VRS) for the hearing impaired
  • Convenient access from your home by telephone or video
  • In-network insurance coverage with most health plans

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