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Partnering with InformedDNA

Convenient access to board-certified genetic counselors

InformedDNA works with laboratories to provide industry-leading genetics expertise.

When a patient’s insurance requires pre-test genetic counseling or when expert post-test counseling is needed, we offer convenient access to genetic counseling through our nationwide telehealth model. Patients have access to genetics specialists via phone or video from a convenient location of their choice.

InformedDNA is an in-network provider with many leading national, regional and state health plans and can work directly with your lab to define billing solutions for out-of-network patients. We also offer an array of services to support labs outside of the traditional genetic counseling model.

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Here’s how we can assist your laboratory:


Patient Education

  • 15-30 minute sessions designed to answer patient questions about the testing ordered or genetic testing in general; sessions may be billed to your laboratory, as requested.

Pre-Test Genetic Counseling

  • Genetic counseling, when there is a health plan requirement for pre-genetic counseling, helps ensure reimbursement.
  • Submit testing authorization directly to in-network health plans that require pre genetic counseling.
  • Provide comprehensive genetic counseling services in support of healthcare providers’ practices.
  • Pre- and post-test sessions billed to the patient’s in-network insurance; low upfront out-of-pocket cost if out of network.

Test Selection and Ordering

  • Select the most appropriate test based on the patient’s personal and family history, insurance coverage and out-of-pocket cost.
  • Order the test and facilitate sample collection.

Prior Authorization

  • 15-30 minute sessions to confirm eligibility for ordered tests and submit authorization requests when pre-test genetic counseling is not required.
  • Sessions may be billed to your laboratory, as requested.

Post-Test Genetic Counseling

  • Differentiate your services with expert post-test counseling for all genetics specialties.
  • Post-test genetic counseling is clinically recommended by best practice guidelines to discuss the implications of the genetic test results with the patient, so they understand what the results mean for themselves and their family members. This includes education about the results, risks for disease, management recommendations based on national guidelines, risks to family members, psychosocial support in light of results, and a chance for patients to ask questions about their genetic test results with a genetics expert.

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